Project Description

Airdrie is on pace to be the third largest city in Alberta. The City Plan is a long-term planning document that will identify how development can support sustainable growth into our future.

Our last City Plan was approved in 2014. A lot has changed in Airdrie since then!

It's time to update the long-term vision for our city, and ensure we are aligning with regional planning initiatives such as the growth and servicing plans recently adopted by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB).

Over the next year and a half the project team will be reviewing existing plans, current research, talking with subject experts and seeking input from residents and businesses as they develop a new City Plan.

By creating a comprehensive plan that balances social, environmental, cultural and economic perspectives, we aim to accommodate our growing population while preserving the unique character of our city.

What is included in the City Plan?

The City Plan must consider climate change, and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion within each of the following key topics:

Attract and retain entrepreneurs and businesses to support Airdrie’s growing population and a revitalized downtown.

Create and re-invest in communities to ensure they are vibrant, diverse and inviting and contribute to people’s health, safety and well-being.

Strengthen relationships and social supports to ensure Airdrie remains a caring and safe city.

Grow opportunities for participation in arts, culture and recreation that recognize and retain Airdrie’s small city feel.

Establish a supply of land and associated advocacy framework to meet the educational needs of kids and adults.

Protect and enhance the natural areas within Airdrie, especially around Nose Creek.

Create a complete network for moving around Airdrie, whether walking, riding on pathways, public transit or driving their car.

Ensure a long-term supply of high-quality water and protect our natural ecosystems that depend on clean water.

Increase efforts to reduce the amount of landfill waste generated through reduction, diversion and recycling efforts.

Meet Airdrie’s energy needs efficiently while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Provide your feedback

We want your voice to shape Airdrie's future. Let us know which of the topics included in the City Plan you'd most be interested in providing feedback to or joining the public discussion on.

As well, what are some of the ways you'd like to provide your input or get involved in the public engagement?

Provide your answers to the questions below by May 20, 2024 to help us plan for public engagement on the City Plan.

Topics of interest

How you want to get involved