Airdrie's newest regional park

We are excited to start developing a new regional park where all of Airdrie can gather and enjoy outdoor activities. Outdoor spaces are important catalysts for recreation and culture and we want to ensure that residents are informed and involved throughout the process.

The Master Plan is a blueprint for the vision, goals and actionable steps for developing the park. It will cover things like land use, trails, amenities, environmental considerations and even budget constraints.


Thematic concept options

In 2022, Council directed that the design and layout for the regional park be focused Organized Sports, Civic, Festival, Arts & Culture. This theme comprises the following options that could be included in the Master Plan.
  • Natural

    • Education/Interpretive elements and natural trails
    • Existing beneficial feature of the site
    • Lacking within the community
    • Could be promptly developed and used by anyone
  • Organized sports

    • Ball diamonds and rectangular fields
    • Could generate revenue and economic opportunities
    • Could enable reconfiguration of sport amenities in city (e.g., have specific diamonds, baseball/softball, located at either Northeast or Chinook Winds Regional Parks)
  • Supporting tournament/tourism

    • Campground, concessions/food truck area, open spaces
    • Lacking within the community
    • Complements other amenity options
    • Mainly used by out-of-town visitors/visiting friends/relatives
  • Civic/festival/arts/culture

    • Event shelters, open spaces, outdoor art, outdoor stage
    • City is outgrowing existing spaces
    • Could generate revenue and economic opportunities
  • Active recreation

    Destination/large scale amenities:

    • BMX Park, Disc golf course, Outdoor pool
    • Limited land for individual amenities

    Neighbourhood oriented/small scale amenities:

    • Community gardens, court pads, dog park, outdoor ice rink, skate park, splash park, tennis/pickleball courts
    • Currently no water/sewer pipes service the area, would need to wait for these services
    • Would mostly serve residential development in proximity to park
  • Passive/social

    • Developed pathways, picnic areas or shelters, playground structures
    • Complementary to other amenity options
    • Limited investment and site requirements
  • Operations/management

    • Required to service the park for equipment and storage
    • Scale would be determined in Master Plan

Recreation Needs Assessment Study

In 2021, the City conducted an Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Needs Assessment Study to better understand what amenities might be underserved in the City and what community priorities for outdoor activities should be considered as part of the initial planning for the new regional park.

Key findings for community priorities included:

    Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Needs Assessment

    The results from this study identified community recreation priorities and are being used to shape our future recreation spaces.

    Dec 2023 Survey (now closed)

    Schematic Design Plan

    The schematic design plan for the NE Regional Park includes:

    • West: A focus on civic/cultural events in the western area of the park
    • Centre: A large central area that focuses on keeping the natural features of the land and includes trails, trees, meadows, and a storm pond.
    • East: A large portion of the park that focuses on sports fields for active and organized sports, parking, camping, play areas, tennis and pickleball courts and areas for large gatherings, tournaments or festivals.
    Overhead view of the park showing potential layout of areas for different types of recreation. A cultural events node to the west, natural area and trail in the centre, and sports fields, ball diamonds, parking and camping to the east.

    Dec 2023 Map Comments (now closed)