Airdrie's new multi-use and library facility

The new library and multi-use facility is under construction on the site of Airdrie’s old fire hall located on Main Street SE. Opening is currently set for winter 2025.

The new 73,000 sq ft facility will be a place for the community to connect and participate in programs and activities. It will offer lifelong learning and arts development, shared multi-purpose rooms and office spaces, and an atrium for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Resident engagement results

The most popular activities and services based on a list of suggested activities and services outlined in a 2021 household survey to residents.

Stakeholder engagement results

Through interviews and a survey in 2021, targeted stakeholders expressed interest in space that offers:

Downtown revitalization. The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a catalytic project that will re-energize Airdrie's downtown as a central location for residents to gather, connect and learn, creating a gateway to Airdrie's downtown.

Community and connection. The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will be a hub enjoyed by the community and will serve as a place for people of all abilities and demographics to gather and celebrate, contributing to a healthy and connected community. The new Multi-Use Facility and Library will draw residents to visit the facility for various reasons and act as a central place for the community to access resources and participate in a wide range of programming.

Growth. With population growth expected to continue in Airdrie over the next decade, the new Multi-Use Facility and Library will allow the City to meet the needs of our growing population by offering new and expanded spaces and services.

Airdrie City Council approved the schematic design in April 2023. The schematic design outlines the broad direction for the exterior and interior of the building. The schematic design helps to show how the rooms and spaces in the interior are laied out in relation to the exterior site as a whole. The total interior size will be 73,000 sq ft with 53,000 sq ft for the new library and 20,000 sq ft for the multi-use space with 100 surface parking stalls.

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