Land use planning for North Highland Park

Provide your input on the development of North Highland Park (NE 1/4 Section 15, Township 27, Range 29, W4M) so the City can plan for the future of this area and how it could evolve.

Potential plan for land use

By overlaying the information from several of the City of Airdrie's long-term planning documents. A potential land use concept could include the following uses.


Development challenges

Development in this area will not be immediately possible due to the lack of urban infrastructure, such as water and sewage lines. Consequently, the City is not planning on completing a comprehensive Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) at this time.

Some potential limitations in developing the land

  • Fragmented lots and ownership

    The area has fragmented lots and ownership, which makes planning and funding developer funded infrastructure difficult.

  • Services access

    Airdrie's 12 Thousand Acres Plan and Utility Master Plan prioritize other areas to the south in obtaining access to urban services like water and sanitation

  • Defined urban plan needed

    The Regional Board's Growth and Servicing Plans do not support interim development plans without a clear plan for providing urban style water, sanitary, and stormwater services.

Provide your feedback

We would love to hear your ideas for future land use for this space.